From Chicago to Vegas: United Club ‘Snub’

We jump into our Uber X cab on the corner of North Racine & Kinzie and blew kisses to Chicago upon our departure. If you’ve never used Uber cab services then shame on you! Lemme rephrase that, stop getting into Yellowcab and download the Uber App. You’ll thank me.

After a couple days back home I packed up for vacation….finally! I could see the shininess of Las Vegas fast approaching. My connection was in Houston, with a looong layover.

On that note: it is painfully apparent that if you dress like a pre-drunk-arrest Justin Beiber you will have a difficult time gaining entry into the United Club lounge at Bush Intercontinental Airport.

it just screams "comfort"

it just screams “comfort”

I had a free pass, but the bulldog with a freshly frosted bob was not so quickly accepting of the fact that I did not have it on my person. I think she took one look at my scrubbed out appearance and assumed I would not come thru with the evidence to back up my claim. I have jumped thru bigger hoops for less of a prize than this! I see your bet and raise you: one neighbor who is willing to enter my home (300 miles away) to retrieve said evidence. Thanks Jerry!!

Thanks JD, for responding to my tweet

Thanks JD, for responding to my tweet

They finally granted me access and plopped down on a couch for the 2 hour layover. I only got about 3 hours of sleep last night, so delirium is nearing the surface. It’s not uncommon for me to be so excited I torture myself the night before a trip, with sleep deprivation. A million checklists are scrolling past my eyes as I sit impatiently, waiting….I hate waiting. Which is what I am doing now….waiting.

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