“I’m gonna live the gypsy lifestyle, and collect all of the trinkets”

I’m a hairstylist, educator, vege-foodie, travelista, and yoga-lover. In my spare time (when I’m in between work) I blog about traveling as a vegetarian, finding the best places to stay and eat, and a little personal reflection every now and again. I’m on the road 70% of the year, and try to make it back home with enough time to do laundry–if and when my laundry actually makes it back home is another story in itself.

Working in Miami

Working in Miami

There’s a part of me that never settles. Its the part that keeps my adventurous side alive. Even though I call Dallas TX home, I manage to feel at home wherever there’s a love of life to be shared. I just wanna share this wanderlust with everyone.

Behind the Scenes

Behind the Scenes in Chicago



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