A Sunrise Trail: East Texas

The motive behind Sunday morning’s journey was strictly personal. At least until 3pm, anyway. I’ve been working non-stop since returning from the UK, so I’m holding onto the weekend until the very last moment.

I had a yearning for fresh air, the sound of only my boots on a well beaten path, and the serenity of the sunrise in the middle of the forest. I pictured the stillness of the morning, branches that have yet to stir beneath the weight of a cardinal, and a bass breaking the motionless surface of the lake for the first time. Sounds like the backdrop of a fairytale, huh? I was definitely manifesting it into existence…and fortunately I was headed to the piney woods of east Texas for work, anyway.


Maybe I’m biased in my opinions of such simple things, but what we may take for granted is that when we hit the snooze button (sometimes repeatedly) life has already started without us. So I seize the opportunity whenever its afforded; and 5am is never too early for fairytale-style hiking.

Lakeside trail, Tyler

Lakeside trail, Tyler

I read a poem by William Wordsworth while I sat by the lakeside:

“Though absent long,

These forms of beauty have not been to me,

As is a landscape to a blind man’s eye:

But oft, in lonely rooms, and ‘mid the din

Of towns and cities, I have owed to them,

In hours or weariness, sensations sweet….

With tranquil restoration”

I had to read it several times to really understand what he was trying to convey thru 19th century literature. Wordsworth was unconvinced that the spoils of the “good life” were the icing on the teacake. Sure, we can gain recognition by “things” in which we identify ourselves. But are we truly living up to our own potential, or is it the potential of others? He gave so much credit to the patience that he found in nature. And no where do I find more patience than in the presence of a 100 year old pine tree; growing without anyone’s permission. What an honor it is to witness the silent parade of mist, slowly dancing just inches above the water; its counterpart the former version of itself. Tranquil restoration. That which helps me to gain a better appreciation for growth. Personal gratitude for where I began, and a calm in who I’ve become. A setting among the pines where I have the freedom to just be.

Scary as it might be—especially when you see the size of the spiderwebs on this particular trail—this lone adventure brought about personal reflection and the gift of inspiration. Two things that can be obtained just about anywhere, but here (taking a mini-break from the grind) they are quietly free of any expectations. 

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