The Farmer’s Market: Bringing Rural to Urban Living

Sustainable, Certified Organic, Locally Sourced and Vegan Lifestyle are pretty common phrases heard here in Dallas, and probably where you live, too. I, for one, am so proud of our society for becoming more in touch with what a healthy lifestyle can provide for our future as human beings. Living as a Pescatarian for the past 17 years has been a constant journey for me, personally. I’m always discovering better ways to live life to the fullest. Pardon the cliché, but feeling constant ‘fatigue’–one of the most common words used in prescription drug advertising–is not something I want to surrender to for the rest of my life. To get directly to the point, I took a quote from Hippocrates that read “Let thy food be thy medicine”, and have diligently been applying that to my state of health.

In regards to the title of this post, I recently received an email notifying me that the USDA keeps a current directory of all the Farmer’s Markets by zip code/city.

 “As of National Farmers Market Week, (the first full week in August), there were 8,144 farmers markets listed in USDA’s National Farmers Market Directory. This is a 3.6 percent increase from 2012.” AMS/USDA

The local food directory is very exciting for me because (with my travel schedule) I am not within cycling distance of my hometown FM as often as I would like to be. Being able to support local farmers and getting the scoop on how to prepare seasonal fruits and veggies, like pattypan squash, is a favorite on my to-do-list.

And now, I get to do it in all corners of the U.S.! Processed with VSCOcam with m3 preset

And speaking of pattypan squash…tonight’s “Sunday Night Cooking Show” includes a grilled version of the squash that I’m hoping will be just as tasty as the recipe states. Fingers crossed.



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