Vegas is calling, from an ‘unknown number’

Andrew, from Galavantier, called me to book our party bus Club Crawl, and to give me the scoop about the night ahead. It’s Memorial Day weekend, so “you’re not getting in anywhere” he says “the party bus is the way to go.”

If its your first time in vegas and you have no idea how to get into the elite clubs, seek out Galavantier. They have multiple options, depending on your party needs. Or just follow one of the club promoters on instagram, like Dave.verzosa. If you’ve got a group of girls, there’s always room for you on the Ladies-only list.  Follow Dave and text him to get on the list at Tryst or XS. But if you’re accompanied by bros, you gotta shell out the greenery to a bouncer at the door (if you can get that close). Look sharp, fold your $20s and wear slick shoes. The party bus–however–is $80-100 per person, but they get you in, have an open bar on the bus, and tour you around to three clubs a night.

We met our tour at the Luxor Flight Bar. Here we met up with my favorite folks of the eve; a group of blokes from Birmingham, England celebrating eveyone’s birthday. And what better place than Vegas to do so?

This guy has his party pants on (not shown)

This guy has his party pants on (not shown)

The tour hits LAX nightclub first. Not my favorite club, since they mostly cater to bottle service groups, versus the que of common folk. The dance floor could be described as a velvet-roped cattle hold. The low ceilings and dark corridors snaking thru the club add to the romance, but the limited dance space is less than inviting.

mid-dance squeeze

mid-dance squeeze

view from the VIP

view from the VIP

Being chauffeured around Vegas is a definite ‘DO’. If you haven’t experienced the taxi line in front of each of the hotels, then allow me to pontificate: 30 min wait, minimum. It helps to have a ride that waits for you, and pours drinks down your gullet while you cruise. Am I right?

what happens on the party bus, ends up on the bottom of your shoes

what happens on the party bus, ends up on the bottom of your shoes

The next stop on the Club Crawl was Revolution Lounge, inside the Mirage.

revolution @mirage

A first for me, and I highly recommend it. The DJ was spinning old school and 90’s hip-hop, the crowd was mixed and the bar is super accessible.

the bar @revolution

With seating available for our entire crew, I’d say it was one of my favorite stops on the tour. We even had time to add some new choreography to our repertoire of moves.

"motives unknown"

“motives unknown”

After boarding our bus for the last leg of our journey, we cruise over to Caesars Palace. Pure is a nightlife fixture in Vegas, drawing crowds of the highest celeb tier over the years. It’s also home to the PussyCat Dolls. Memorial Day weekend marks the closing of the club for ($millions) renovations, which have pushed the reopening out to 2015. If you thought it was a mega-club now, just wait a year. The dance floor is small, but the music is hype. I’ve not had a bad experience in this joint, to date. The outdoor deck looks out over the Vegas strip and the warm breeze kept us comfortable enough to engage in late night conversation with our friends from across the pond–til the wee hours of the morning. I learned quite a bit about Euro fútbol, and got an invite to visit the UK. Let the European vacation planning begin!

I <3 these people

I ❤ these people

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