How to fit fitness into your vacation | Well+Good NYC

After rising at 4am to catch the first flight out, I landed in New York.  I was shrugging off the hour delay and lifting my carry-on out of the overhead, powering walking out to the taxi and on my way to my next adventure.

With all the travel that I do its important for me to get my fitness in, even when I have been exhausted by crazy sleep schedules. Yes, I may be one of those workout fanatics at home, but its really tough to keep up with your regular training when you’ve only had 4 hours of sleep and are skipping time zones. So I shifted my focus a couple of months ago and cleared my subscriptions of “5 minute recipes”, via email, and opted instead for a couple of dailies from Well+Good NYC. Summed up in 200 words or less, they keep me motivated to work out in any location. Even in the tightest spaces you could imagine. David Kirsch, I accept your challenge! I’m heading to the UK in 4 more days, so I think I’ll be able to wear myself out enough to be able to sleep on a slightly inclined airline chair.

Even if you’re not jumping a plane on a Trans-Atlantic take a couple of cues from some of the industry pros at the link below. And definitely subscribe to Cooking with a Wallflower. That’s a quick recipe diva that will stay an inbox regular 😉

“[My exercise routine literally starts on the plane. I do push-ups, planks, lunges, and squats in the aisles to keep myself sane throughout the trip. [Readers, we dare you to try this one!]”

-David Kirsch

via How to fit fitness into your vacation | Well+Good NYC.

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