UK Holiday: first stop Edinburgh

If only I could recall the numerous times I’ve ran from my arriving plane to my departing connection, I’d have a good idea of how many calories I’ve burned, to shave them off my cardio routine. From La Guardia to Philly to Edinburgh Scotland, I made it just in time for coffee and a quick walk around town.

Armed with a bus map and a scan of old town Edinburgh, I was determined to muscle thru the day to adjust to the 5 hour time change. My friend Rhian lives in Leith, which is in sight distance of Edinburgh castle. She tells me that the 12 bus goes ‘to town’ on one side of Leith Walk and ‘from town’, on the other side. The only challenge now was remembering to look right then left. I find myself already stepping off curbs into oncoming traffic; oh, tourists.

We stopped for lunch at a beautiful Catalonian restaurant called Tapa, and feasted on fresh seafood and cheeses, and a magnificent table buffet of veggies.


Festival Fringe, High St, Edinburgh

Festival Fringe, High St, Edinburgh

Next we ventured into town for the Festival Fringe, which is held in Edinburgh each August. Featuring bands, comedy shows, art exhibitions, theater…well heck, anything you wanna see pertaining to the Arts is here! Festival Fringe


After catching up with our friend Hamish and his family, grabbing a drink at Montpelier and getting caught in the rain at The Devil’s Advocate I was slotted to take in a tour of The Real Mary King’s Close. It’s just under an hour tour of the ‘Close’ (long alleyways that connect the road to the center of the town square) that was shut off from the city when the Bubonic plague wrecked havoc and killed most of whom were exposed to it. The houses are underground and still preserved with some remnants of the furniture set-up. Our guide is dressed head-to-toe in 17th century wardrobe and even introduces herself as a woman from days past. It’s ultra campy, and not much of a ghost tour, but I’m a total nerd for world history. It’s a definite “do” in my book.

Advocate's Close

Advocate’s Close

Alas, the night wouldn’t be complete (considering my history of vacationing sans cell service) if I didn’t get lost, at least once. Thankfully there was a Starbucks on the corner of St. Andrew’s Square where I could grab a Wifi signal to reestablish my coordinates. So I hopped in a cab and found my way back to the flat by midnight. And this is just Day 1….

Hamish photobomb

a welcome photobomb

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