NYC and the U.K. Next week is gonna be packed….in a carry-on

I took a month long break from blogging to work the Essence Festival in New Orleans and to take another vacation to Vegas. I can confidently report that it hasn’t changed a bit since my last visit (2 months ago). I get asked frequently “why Vegas?” See the thing is, I don’t drink, I rarely gamble, and I’m not a shop-a-holic (at least not a mega-shop-a-holic). In my previous posts  Vegas is Calling, I shared some my favorite restaurants, how-to party with the party people, and things to-do on the cheap, but for me truly, the best part about a Vegas vacay is the fact that you can be, do, and see just about everything you ever wanted and/or may not have ever wanted to see, etc. My advice still stands for the invite of all invites: follow Dave Verzosa on Instagram and Twitter. I have to give a huge shout-out to Drew Mamary, as well. Each day he sends out a text for invites to pool parties (ladies!!) and even sent me a text to let me know where to have the cab drop us off for the Tiesto pool party at MGM Wet Republic. Follow Drew by clicking on his name above.

Wet Republic with Tiesto...and the World Cup on the Jumbo Tron

Wet Republic with Tiesto…and the World Cup on the Jumbo Tron

After finishing up with meetings in Vegas, and marketing calls for next year’s Essence Fest, I was back home for a couple of weeks; gearing up for my next adventure….this time across the pond!

But first, I’m shooting a series of photos in New York’s Meat Packing district, so I will have some vege-foodie reviews in the coming week. This will mark the 7th time in NYC for me, but a first in this neighborhood. If you have a favorite spot in the neighborhood that you think I should check out, lemme know!

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