The title of this post describes it succinctly. If you only have a little over 24 hours left on the docket, don’t waste a minute. I grab a latte at the hotel and change into something nighttime appropriate. Time to hit the dance-party-scene.

Hint: ladies, wear a short dress, the bling, the hair, makeup and comfortable heels (I know, oxymoron). There’s a couple of clubs here in Vegas that actually turn away women in flats. Guys: dress to impress. Or show up in a group of hot girls dressed in the former. Do not take this advice lightly, or you might be hoofing it back to your room to change.

Our first stop might be a little livelier had we not visited it on a Monday night. The Voodoo Lounge, atop the Rio hotel, is on the 51st floor. Note to self: list “clubs with a view” for future posts.

Its perfect tonight, because on a night you encounter a packed crowd, getting the view of the strip into your camera could be lousy with the tops of people’s heads. The pictures were taken, and the exit was made. Next, we motored over to Marquee  at the Cosmo, for Industry Night. The guy at Voodoo said it was the place to be. He wasn’t kidding.


Carnage @marqueeLV

Carnage @marqueeLV

Look sharp, get in line or impress someone important, because later, you’re gonna be glad you did.

Rotating Dj’s, a packed crowd, sweaty bodies everywhere and countless selfies taken in every corner of this joint. The music is insane, the view is gorgeous. Beautiful men and women in every square-foot of this place. Marquee really knows how to throw a party. Even on a Monday night.

pleasantly surprised, to say the least

pleasantly surprised, to say the least

They called this night Carnage. Appropriate. We’re in for the entire lot; dancing, mingling, and the occasional belly-flopping-pool-kamikaze (which they frown upon, fyi).

light it up

light it up


…all the way to the bathroom

We were almost all danced out and were chasing daylight by the time we left Marquee. With an hour left before sunrise we munched down on some not-so-diet-friendly Del Taco. I’m giving myself a free pass on the last day of our trip. Breakfast tacos are like the ‘fountain of rejuvenation’ at this point.

By now the sun was just barely peeking at us, as we set a course for the Las Vegas welcome sign.

By 6am my piggies had given up all efforts to stand for my picture. Or...I was playing wilted damsel

By 6am my piggies had given up all efforts to stand for my picture. Or…I was playing wilted damsel


During the day and eve you’ll encounter a line and lots of folks photo-bombing your memento. So sunrise is the perfect time to capture as many poses as your heart desires. And its free, so DO it!

I make a vow to muscle thru towards pool:30, but slumber (wink) dominates the game at 7am, and I’m calling the desk to request a late check out for 12p….at 10:30.

With only 5 more weeks until I have yet another date with Sin City, I’m stacking the calendar for an even lengthier roster. And…catching up with old and new friends.

xo, M


In the End: Go Hardcore (Vegas)

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