More of the Foods (fusion) in Vegas

On day 3–after rehydrating our bodies (and souls)–we decided on dinner at China Poblano, inside the ultra swanky Cosmopolitan. This Asian/Mexican fusion is a regular stop for me when I’m in town. Are you in the mood for dim-sum, fried rice and mexican tacos? Yes…yes you are. All items are served in individual portions. So order and share. I recommend the 21 veggie fried rice (if you’re allowed eat carbs on you summer beach-body-diet). Next order a couple of tacos, or like my brother, dig into the 4 piece steamed buns filled with bbq pork.



Who isn't crazy about tiny vegetables?!

Who isn’t crazy about tiny vegetables?!

Steamed Buns (in their native setting)

Steamed Buns (in their native habitat)


Ala carte Tacos

Ala carte Tacos


After our perfectly proportioned noms we took in a show. Zumanity is touted as the sensual side of Cirque du Soliel.

Not for the conservative viewer; shoot, if you’re in vegas are you not liberal by standard?

Zumanity Theater

Zumanity Theater

Acrobatics, contortionists and lots of nudity are included in the show. They blur gender lines with men, women, and drag. The comedy is campy, and oh so enjoyable. The Emcee actually encourages audience participation by pulling viewers on stage to become part of the show. The vaudevillian concept, live singers and band (set up above the theater) all created an amazing, memorable experience for the entire crowd. Bravo!

If you already feel as though you’ve spent way too much money in Vegas, I’ll have more Free Things To Do in Vegas in my next post.

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