Chicago Bound; Or How-To get to Chicago

Or something along those lines. But first, lets take ya around the way. Like way, way around the way.

I was on my way to DFW airport at about 11am, super excited to be meeting with our marketing team again. My bags were checked, I adjusted my headphones and headed to my gate.

Its only been 6 days since I returned home from Miami. So I’m running on pure adrenaline, diving right in to the third photo shoot in a month. But….a fire in the air traffic control (at O’Hare) stopped all flights from landing at Midway and O’Hare. After an executive decision to take the scenic route, I land in Cincinnati. There’s just a minor delay in Ohio before I’m on the last leg of this journey to……Milwaukee. That’s right, Wisconsin I’m just here for foreplay. A teaser if I may. Then I’m renting a car to drive south towards Chi-town. An hour and 45 minutes, you say? No problemo! I’ve had worse. Like that one time I was delayed by two days in SoCal, and missed The Police reunion concert, that I paid $160 a ticket for. And instead of missing another day of work I flew to Houston and drove 3 and a half hours to DFW, only to miss the concert by 3 hours! <rant over>



I think about how ironic is it that just Saturday my new friend Matt was raving about the culinary excellence of Milwaukee, and here I land? Its 8:30pm and I have a firm 8:30am call-time for model prep, so there’s no time for food tourism!

I had finally made it to Chicago. In the style of most big city tourism, I was prepared for the boutique-style accommodations of  the Hotel Felix (located in the River North area). The surrounding sights include a drive past the Picasso, which is the most tourism I’ve done—a drive-by. I arrived at the hotel at 11:30pm; exactly 12 hours from when I left my house this morning. My luggage (on the other hand) has not. Whomp, whomp…This isn’t the first time I’ve lost my bags. Most certainly will not be the last. Delta is on the job to deliver them to the hotel by tomorrow *fingers crossed*

I entered my room on the 6th floor and stepped from the threshold directly into the bathroom. Ah, real estate in the city. Essentially, by providing a room the size of a large walk-in closet it keeps things profitable. My dinner came in the same snack-sized variety—ala CVS ‘veggie tray’. I can’t be glamorous 100% of the time!


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