Owning it: Yoga

Perfectly exhausted, I stared up at the ceiling for what seemed like an eternity after completing the Fire class at Sunstone Yoga. I joined this studio in March, and with multiple locations and a variety of classes to choose from you can practice anywhere in the entire Dallas, McKinney, or Southlake area (north texas). I can proudly say that I have had a fantastic experience at all of their locations.

When I started this blog my main focus was to share travel stories and tips from the road. Also, to keep up with my family and friends, who were always asking “where ya been?!”

With my constant travel schedule people also ask how I manage to stay fit on the road. So here’s a bit of my history. It leads up to the reason behind my goal to “Do Work and Live Well”. After all, it’s so easy to just order take-out, but so hard to work it off.

I started the journey just over a year ago. I was never one to work out consistently, mostly because (I’m sure you’ve been there) I got bored too quickly with aerobics. And forget cardio…I was a pack-a-day smoker. But after quitting drinking, kicking the cigarette habit and learning how to cook at home I dropped 30lbs. Yoga was (and still is) a huge contributor to my success.

After realizing I was gaining back my stamina (and my drive to be healthy was accelerated) I started training with a free boot camp that meets on Saturday mornings, at Klyde Warren Park (Dallas, Texas). With all this inspiration I now enjoy running, biking and squatting like I never imagined I would, before! Also, with the help of Yoga YouTubers (thank you!), and numerous other quick workout vids (hello, Adriana Lima Leg Work-out), I’m able to keep up with my practice anytime, anywhere; even when I’m on the road for two weeks at a time.

A journey from fluffy to flex-able

A journey from fluffy to flex-able

I’ll be perfectly honest, there’s no secrets revealed here. It will always be about dedication, and sacrifice. I didn’t drop the weight over-night, but I’m actually happy about that fact. Happy, because everything we work towards in life makes us feel proud. It boosts our spirit.

On that note, today’s class at Sunstone pushed me to the next level in balance and posture. I’m feeling stronger and leaner by the day. Here’s a couple of poses you can try in the morning to energize your spirit, from one of my favorite YouTubers.


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