Day 9/12: stars in our eyes

I have a total brush-with-celebrity moment, when former Miss Cuba, Damaris Aguiar, shows up to begin shooting day 1. I’m starting to feel at home in Carousel Studios. I can’t believe its almost over. Just three more days til we pack up and head back to Texas, Arizona, Wisconsin; and for Teviot, back to Scotland. We’ve been talking about when I’m gonna make a trip to the UK, to hang with my new peeps. Making connections and new friends is really what this is all about; this life is not all about work, its about the experience, right?

Oscar’s lunch offering also rounds out his last day of work til he jets off to be awesome in another state, on another job.

*sniff, tear*

The menu for Gigi gets passed around and I opt for another healthy choice. The veggies with rice have a beautiful sauce, and is served with an entire head of cauliflower. In fact, all the dishes from Gigi are served with a head of broccoli or cauliflower.
Anh and I head over to Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink for the evening. All the small, medium and large plates here are centered around a wood-burning oven, so everything has an amazing amount of depth and flavor. It’s veggie heaven for one more round! The roasted carrots and cheese board are the perfect combination to make my meal deliciously light.

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