Day 10 of the job flies by us so quickly I almost forget that I’m working. The experience is unmatched by any other I’ve ever had. We are 20 models in, and time is ticking by so fast, I don’t even realize that tomorrow is our last day. Jane, Doug, Rhian, Hamish, Matt, Kirsty, Lee, Rachel, Sara, Mary, Kristina, Anh and I are still moving at full-speed. Like a decathlon, we pass the proverbial baton off of model after model, until the day is thru.



We rave about last night’s dinner at Michael’s, so the rest of the crew agrees to check it out and we feast like kings!

Cast of our crew

Cast of our crew (photo: M. Guthrie)

When we get back to the hotel we head straight to the hot tub to soothe our bodies into a state of pure bliss. I only tried the cold plunge pool twice. Mostly because once was the big shocker and the second time to ensure I didn’t forget what the first time felt like. We marvel at our amazing adventure thru clouds of hairspray, rogue pieces of fringe, pesky frizzies, and multiple wardrobe changes.

Back at The Standard

Back at The Standard (photo: R. Howells)

I reflect on how fortunate we all are to be randomly placed together. A team formed, just two weeks ago, that developed into a solid partnership; hopefully for many years to come. The end of our night is filled with a recap of the days past. I can’t possibly put into words the gratitude I feel at this moment. But, maybe I just did.

Day 10/12: gratitude

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