Back to Reality, kinda

I landed at DFW airport with only one goal in mind: King Spa. Its a Korean bath house on the north west side of Dallas. If you’re able to excuse your modesty and get naked with a bunch of strangers, then you’re gonna love King Spa (don’t worry, the bath house portion is not co-ed). With 3 hot baths, one jacuzzi, a lavender scented steam room and a cold plunge pool your relaxation level will be rivaled only by a coma.

If strutting around in your birthday suit ain’t your cup of tea, then just change into the uniform they provide and sit in one of the 11 dry saunas that are spread across the entire establishment. I spent a good 12 hrs (between napping on the recliners) aligning my chakras and getting my chi right. Also, try the vegetarian cold noodles. Scrumpts.
Its become a tradition of mine to grab a mini-vacay at the spa (just under $30 for 24hr access) before heading back to the real world. Like a detour from reality; half way between the airport and my house. Namaste.

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