Day 8/12: click your heels we’re almost home

It’s prep day for our second shoot and we are rocking out some hair. I manage to get time in between models to treat myself (or my toes) to a little R&R. Pedicure, done. Ahhh…one of life’s many pleasures. I met Kamilla at casting, but I could not have guessed that this beautiful woman was so multi-faceted. She tells me about her travels from the Bahamas. Just this morning, after filming dolphins–by way of deep-diving–she was racing around a small island on a golf cart, trying to catch the last boat back to Nassau, to hop on a commuter flight, to get to the salon. Whew! She is based in Miami now, but all her belongings are in storage up in NYC. I tell her how envious I am of her nomad lifestyle.


Carousel Studios (playground)

Carousel Studios (playground)

We are running on pure adrenaline at this point, but still manage to make reservations at The Dutch. Located inside the W Hotel, The Dutch specializes in…well…expensive seafood. Worth every penny. We posted up by the W pool while we waited for the rest of our team to join us.


The W South Beach

The W South Beach

The oysters are a must, btw. Oysters from Maine, Mass, and BC? Yeah, they got ’em. Anh had the oyster sandwich which won the award for the cutest slider I’ve ever seen; if there were such an award. Photography assistant Matt tried his first raw oyster (thanks to moi) southern style. Loads of tabasco, horseradish, cocktail sauce and lemon. If there is such a thing as a healthy-ish southern food choice, it would be oysters. I highly recommend the red snapper at The Dutch. Mouthwatering goodness, I tell ya.
By midnight I’m finishing up emails and falling asleep on top of my phone.


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