Day 6/12 Miami heat

Jane, Doug, and I get out at 6am to run. The sun rises at about 6:45am here in Miami, and its such a romantic scene to behold that I really don’t mind being the third wheel in this equation. After making it all the way to the coast I have to take off in a sprint when I realize its nearing shower time. Time to get pretty before the models arrive! Beautiful hair, makeup and wardrobe go flying by in a flash. Oscar treats us to Lime today. I had the veggie burrito, and a dot of the hottest hot sauce known to man. Ok, maybe that’s an exaggeration…but why is it necessary to try and flavor your food with something that could possibly give your intestines third-degree burns?! They say “don’t knock it til you try it” so I did….game over.
I gave a mini product knowledge class to the client today, about ‘glossing‘. It’s a service that’s provided in-salon as an interim treatment. It’s applied over your faded hair color, or better yet an old Ombré, to turn up the shine on the hair. Each of our ladies got a treatment at the salon on prep day, and were ecstatic that they were able to keep their existing color; barely tweaked and 100 times shiner.
And then I got a lesson in swing dancing from one of our male models Aaron (be still my heart), as he picks me up and tosses me around his torso. I will remember this forever!


I never “asked” for swing lessons, but I gladly accepted them

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