Day 7/12 wake, make, wrap!

I’ve all but given up on the sleeping-in at this point, and offered to give Doug and Jane a quick yoga lesson on the boardwalk. We practiced Downward Dog, Upward Dog, and Warrior poses to limber up the runner’s game. Vinyasa flow is a great recovery exercise for anyone who lifts, runs or practices pilates. I head over to the juice bar and pick up Citrus Aide for me and Anh. Attention: New found juice love, straight ahead! This detox juice has Grapefruit, Lemon, honey and jalapeno. Heavenly! It’s now a part of our morning routine for the next week. Pick up juice, head to “Anh’s patio cafe”, down two cups of coffee and hop over to the lobby by 7:30am. I still don’t know how we do it! Ahem…we are a super duo!
We’re wrapping shoot 1 today, and I couldn’t be prouder of our team.

That's a wrap hug!

That’s a wrap hug! (photo: R. Howells)

Tonight’s supper option comes via Pubbelly offers an Asian-tapas-fusion. Although the wait was lengthy, I can still give it 4 stars in quality and quantity. The most ginormous prawn I think I’ve ever seen comes to our table, along with a ginger-sriacha dipping sauce that could rival sexual fantasies. That my friends is not a joke. We nibbled on sushi until nearly 11:30pm. What a day, and week it has been!

Pub Belly


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