Miami: business is my pleasure

Friday April 25
I flew to Miami at 7am. The airport has gone thru a lot of changes since my last visit. Aiming to improve the ease of travel, but missing the mark, as of yet. The rental car trek is about 15 minutes on your best time, and that is not via shuttle. In fact the shuttle is the shortest part of the trek. I checked; it’s a 1/2 mile.
Then, I was off to lé hotel…well, sort of. As part of a preservation society that protects the potential destruction of landmarks, The Standard hotel is boldly named Lido Island, which had me driving in circles looking for a hotel that apparently doesn’t exist. I cursed Google navigation, but for once they were not part of the problem.
The hotel is one of the most posh, cool and calm retreats in all of Miami. There is no music blaring in your face as you lounge by the pool. And everyone is chilling out by the fire pit at night, and marinating in the mud pit during the day. I’m so sad I didn’t get to try that out, but next time it’s so on. Yoga is offered here all day. Across the street you can grab a Decobike for the day, take a run (just 1.3miles) to South Beach, or skip the fitness and just hop between the hot tub and cold plunge pool to constrict your blood vessels. Supposedly it helps to release toxins from your muscles. It’s also advised to drink lots of water afterwards, and skip the booze. But I won’t tell anyone you had one glass of wine. Down the street about a half a mile is Fresh Market, if you wanna stock up on fresh snacks, fruits and bottled water. Warning: Smart Water is $7-a-pop at the Standard Hotel…no bueno.

Alas, falling asleep by the pool was the ultimate end to my lost & found travel day.


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