Day 5/12: adapt to your surroundings

Wednesday April 30
Day 1: photo shoot commenceth! We arrive in the Design District of Miami, surrounded by many more culinary greats. The studio (Carousel) is decorated with huge plexiglass photo prints of Bruce Springsteen and the E-street Band. Note to self: ask if Bruce visits regularly….
To make this gorgeous day even sunnier, Hugh (who is my very first model to ever make it to print work) shows up to make all the girl’s eyes flutter and increase heart rates to dangerous levels. We worked together in NYC last year, and now he lives in Miami! He’s just as genuine as he is gorgeous. Between shooting and style change, make-up and holiday wardrobe today was a mega success! Hugh says we should meet up like this once a year for an annual haircut. *swoon*


Me and Hugh, and our annual haircut date

I can’t tell you how happy I am to be a part of Jane’s team. Teviot, you really rocked it today!
It was time for a major dinner detox. As Anh and I set out to find running shoes we also made a pit stop at Publix grocery, for hummus and veggies. I say live life to the fullest, but I don’t mean in my belly. We are in the center of culinary goodness here in South Beach, but I miss my apple slice sandwich; and yes, I will have this alone for dinner on some nights. We grab a Mr. Coffee machine from the grocer and start our own café on Anh’s hotel patio.

In an act of desperation I asked Ahn to relax my hair; successfully turning the patio café into the patio salon.


prepping the ‘patio salon’


rinsing away my curl


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