Tuesday April 29
Model prep day! Anh and I (along with Rachel from marketing) got to the salon and got down to business, doing what we do best: hair color, cutting and styling. When you allow someone to see the beauty which makes them an individual you can brighten anyone’s day. Model after model filed in and had their hair prepped and conditioned. If you have haircolor or a permanent straightener on your locks you should be deep conditioning at least once a week. I had a conversation with Kasey, one of our blondes, about this service and she ended up taking home a jar of Redken Fortifying Masque. Note: if you have highlights, your hair craves moisture and protein. This product gives you a double dose and won’t weigh-down your strands. Selling retail—for me—ain’t about the commission, it’s always about getting the client’s hair to look like a million bucks. It’s a representation of my craft, after all. Healthy hair screams look at me! More yummies for your hair here.
For this evening’s dine-out we were directed towards Burgers and Beer, an All American burger joint on Purdy Ave. Although to hear my friend Rhian’s welsh accent describe it made it sound so much more elegant. They were featured on Man v. Food for their massive 10lb Angus Beef burger, which will cost you a generous $120. They say you can order it as kind of a “party platter”, but if a single person can finish it in 2 hours time it’s completely free. Danger Will Robinson, danger!! When someone orders a side of beef, B&B takes that request seriously. But seriously, you cray-cray if you take that challenge. I hear Adam Richman didn’t even consider it. Excellent burgers, with a variety of marinades, sauces and topping choices, but totally skip the onion rings (Two thumbs down, sorry).

Day 4/12: I am almost a resident by now…

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