Monday April 28
We saw 60 (or so) models—just today—thru open casting. Viewing and physically judging them for their hair and eyeballs and smile….eeesh….I don’t know how you do it Tyra Banks!
I’ll tell you though, the biggest surprise for me was how many different corners of the globe were represented in this one room. Miami, you are definitely winning in the diversity category. We saw Korean models from Russia, and German models via NYC. Beautiful people with beautiful spirits. To work in an industry where you are judged for your ability to pose and work the camera is exactly what I always imagined it would be—really tough. Tough for the employer and even tougher on the models.
Our massive lunch came from Big Pink. I took on the challenge attempting to finish the Salmon Teriyaki Wrap of gargantuan proportions.

After a whopper of a lunch, we challenged our tummies once again at Yard Bird Southern, featuring a Deep South selection of chicken & waffles, sweet potatoes and Mac & Cheese. “Holy chicken-fried steak, Batman!” everything died, was fried, and served as a side. You def gotta check out one of Bon Appetit magazine’s “50 Best New Restaurants” for breakfast, lunch or dinner. On a side note, I spotted a tall, dark and handsome young man who could have potentially filled our model quota for the African-American male category. Delon wasn’t a professional model, but maybe after coming in for casting he might consider getting in with an agency. Good Luck, my friend! May we meet again!


Day 3/12: model behavior

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