Day 2/12: working OVER the weekend

Sunday April 27
Anh is coming today, Anh is coming! She’s my PIC (partner in collaboration), or at least one of them. This chick totally rocks my world with her calm—and silly—nature. We’re also collaborating alongside our Regis marketing team and a stellar production team, based in the UK. Teviot, plus Shore, then Regis….what a killer combination. My new peeps are the coolest. I’ve worked with many vendors and have been paired with many teams, but never have I meshed with a more solid group of peeps. Mary Guthrie (MUA) , and Kristina Kitchen (Wilhemina) for wardrobe joined us for the end of casting Day 3, whom I highly recommend booking.
Lunch—by P.A. Oscar—came from My Ceviché. So good, by the way, that I had to revisit this joint twice this trip. I’ve always made an effort to not continue to visit the same restaurants, but one major exception to my rule is My Ceviche. You got your choice of octopus, shrimp, fish (even chicken for my fowl-loving friend, Hamish). Try a little of everything. Super cheap—by tourist spot standards—but do share the cheviché; it’s a little much for one person. The tacos and burritos are topped with pickled red onions and tomatoes. So fresh, and addictive. Prices are $5-15.
For dinner we walked down to Sardinia; an Italian restaurant on Purdy Ave. With true Mediterranean influence, only a couple dishes are actually centered around pasta. I absolutely loved the roasted beets and the honey & goat cheese drizzled flat bread. It’s still amazing to me when I order a couple of small plates and the server says “y’know that’s just a bread and cheese” to which I confidently reply, “yep”. When are we gonna realize that we are on an unconscious mission to stuff ourselves silly? Our entrees are too big because we feel cheated by the price if they are not. Right!? So try this next time you eat at a four star joint: four people, 2-starters, breads, salad, 2-entrees. More about “meat vs veggie” to come….



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