Day 1/12: miami is cooking it up

Saturday April 26
I am obsessively early to everything, so even though our call time for model casting at MAPS isn’t until 8am, I’m leaving the hotel at 7am to get my bearings. And to get lost–at least once–and find the nearest Starbucks to the studio. Two things I can’t live without the knowledge of: nearest coffee and location of bathrooms. They don’t go hand-in-hand in that capacity, but they will eventually.

Food is another top on my list of musts. Today we met our production assistant Oscar who took us on a serious food tour, all while in the comfort of the studio located at 2nd & Washington, South Beach. I had to start reading the top of all the menus he offered us, just trying so hard to keep up with the names and locations of each place, so I could recommend the best of the best. And holy cow, everything was fantastic! Although most of my days consist of vegetarian and vegan fare, I was willing to cheat on my regular diet for some fresh seafood and lots and lots of French and sourdough bread.

For dinner tonight its Lido (located right inside The Standard hotel), overlooking Biscayne Bay. Even though I would not have chosen to stay off the beach (ever) I am thankful a thousand times over that my company picks the hotels and they pick them well. The selection here of farm-direct, mostly organic ingredients and fresh caught seafood is sending me over the moon. Literally swooning over the menu. I choose the chargrilled octopus and veggie sides. What a perfect end to a perfect day.

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